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Date of show: June 17, 2016 Location: The Gramercy Theatre, New York, New York Review by: Vicky Blank The Gramercy Theatre is a great place to see a show. It's general admission, small, and the floor is actually titled down forward a little bit - so if you're a shorty stuck in the back (like I usually am), this helps give you some leverage. It was a sold-out show for Motion City Soundtrack. This tour "So Long Farewell" is their homage to their fans since they have now announced their break up. What was really cool was that they had a very large poster, I would say probably 7 feet tall and 12 feet wide, next their merch stand that they brought for every show that everyone could sign their name or write a message to band. It was amazing to see all the signatures and messages from all of the other shows, there was barely any room left, but I managed to squeeze in my name! Motion City Soundtrack mostly played their hits and a couple of oddity songs that were by request. The game changer was when they played "Everything Is Alright" - the whole crowd turned into a mosh pit. The crowd went nuts for this song! Everyone was mindful of each other's surroundings, but there was this one dude that was a wearing a backpack up front in the mosh - and getting hit by his backpack was annoying. It was full too. Why are you wearing a backpack at a show? Hang that shit up! Fun show regardless - even though they have called it quits for now, I'm pretty sure they'll come back. Look at Guns N' Roses, right?

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