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Date of event: July 15-17, 2016 Location: Waterfront Park, Louisville, KY By Tori Biggs and Nina Martin Photos by Nina Martin/ StellarPhoto Day two of Forecastle kicked off with an unbelievable level of vitality. Jazz Cartier had the crowd jumping with his hard-hitting hip hop sound, doubling his audience throughout his set. The highlight of the performance was when Cartier walked into the crowd, slipped into a full crowd surf, and didn’t miss a single beat. Though he was one of the lesser-known artists at the festival, he undoubtedly astonished and multiplied his fan base. Austin native Alejandro Rose-Garcia, better known by stage name Shakey Graves, took over the Mast stage with welcome arms. He kicked off his set with the songs ‘Roll the Bones’ and ‘Word of Mouth’, performed solely by him and his signature suitcase drum before announcing it was time for his friends to join him. Welcomed to the stage was Kelsey from the band Wild Child to sing with him on ‘Dearly Departed’ after performing the day before. Kelsey, filling in for Esme Patterson, added an interesting new element to the track. Shakey went solo again with ‘Hard Wired’ and ‘Late July’ before wrapping up the set with an encore sample of ‘Family Genius’. Shakey shared tales of laughter between his waltzy rock vibe and sometimes raspy but fitting vocals. His smile shone bright, visibly demonstrating his complete enjoyment on stage. From his older solo ventures to his new tunes rounded out by a full band, Shakey Graves delivered with a well-built and exciting set. The Arcs, headed up by Black Keys frontman Dan Auerback, commanded a respectable crowd with their smooth and charismatic style. Coming together just last year with their debut album Yours, Dreamily, The Arcs wooed the audience with both original tracks and covers, including The Temptations’ ‘Smiling Faces Sometimes’ and The Kinks’ ‘Big Sky‘. Performances like Forecastle Festival have made 2016 an ideal introductory year for the band to form their own identity and fan base. The heat was starting to get to the crowd by the time Dr. Dog hit the stage, with droves of concert-goers wading in the pools of the river nearby. Still, fans were undeterred as a never-ending flow of people flooded the crowd from the other side of the festival grounds. Dr. Dog enraptured everyone with both classics and tracks from their new album, The Psychedelic Swamp. Meanwhile on the other side of the grounds, Local Natives performed to an equally massive crowd. Their captivating harmonies kept fans on their feet as they breathed new life into songs from their first two studio albums. Listeners were also given a glimpse into Local Natives’ upcoming album, Sunlit Youth, dropping in early September. Both ‘Fountain of Youth’ and ‘Past Lives’ were very well-received. The band’s spirit and ability was amplified with their live presence, creating an amazing experience for everyone involved. Other notable performances at Forecastle 2016 included Death Cab For Cutie, Anderson East, Ryan Adams, and the lesser-known All Them Witches, but Alabama Shakes stole the whole festival. With the biggest draw of the entire 3 day event, the band stunned everyone with their powerhouse vicals and astonishing theatrical performance of hits such as ‘Gimme All Your Love’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’. They hit the ground running with ‘Future People’ and mesmerized listeners with ‘Sound and Color’. Closing out the night with ‘You Ain’t Alone’, Alabama Shakes gave the crowd a complete moment they will remember for eternity. Forecastle Festival 2016 was more than just a concert, more than just a music festival; It was a complete event that engaged all the senses. Over a hundred food vendors wafting tasty aromas throughout the grounds, tents and tables full of local art, whiskey, and crafters, multi-person puppets and stilt walkers, and an utterly peaceful and cohesive vibe all made for an unforgettable weekend. There was a welcoming air of love and harmony that permeated the entire festival. The people made every bit as much of an impact on the event as the music. There was an unmistakable feeling of acceptance and positivity throughout the festival that gave it so much more personality than just a concert. Forecastle Festival was an amazing ­­­weekend for everyone, from the bands to the vendors to the attendants.

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