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Date of show: June 17, 2016 Location: Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte, NC By Tori Biggs Photos by Nina Martin/ StellarPhoto Child idol turned Nashville star Jonathan Jackson has been wooing fans of his acting with his newest musical endeavor, Jonathan Jackson + Enation. Made up of Jackson, his brother Richard, and longtime friend Dan Sweatt, the band has been making its way across America in support of their new EP, Blame-shifter, which debuted at #22 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart earlier this year. Despite having been in the spotlight most of his life, Jackson says that touring has been a whole new experience for him. He has been juggling his time between Nashville and Enation, and has been glad to see his fans show up in both avenues. Drummer Richard has found that Jonathan’s celebrity has been a huge help to the band’s exposure and given the band a chance to challenge preconceptions his fans may have based on his role on Nashville. While embracing the southern country roots, Jonathan Jackson + Enation takes an obvious influence from anthemic rock bands such as U2 and REM. While Jonathan has amassed a level of comfort in front of a crowd, Richard and bassist Dan feel most natural as the backbone to the sound. The trio wastes no time showing their camaraderie, pouring their heart and soul into both their recordings and their live performance. Sweatt’s groovy bass lines intertwined with Richard’s fully equipped rhythm layered with Jonathan’s classic riffs lends an air of cohesion to their overall sound. Fans gathered faithfully and truly responded with welcoming arms. Undoubtedly, ’Unchained Melody’ was the highlight of their set, delivering a powerful sense of command over the audience and a clearly illustrated fullness of mind, body, and soul. Between Jackson’s popularity with his acting and the surprisingly arena rock-esque sound of the record, Jonathan Jackson + Enation has created a unique fan base for themselves. After having their songs featured on television in Nashville and One Tree Hill and touring relentlessly, their presence has been growing steadily since their inception. Jonathan Jackson + Enation is quickly coming together in their own right as a musical act and a blossoming hit factory.

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