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Date: September 10, 2016 Location: Express Live, Columbus, OH Photos and Review by: Nina Martin (Copyeditting by Daniel Murdock) Young the Giant performed to a sold out crowd at Express Live, in Columbus, OH on Saturday, September 10, 2016. The 5 piece Cali natives are currently on tour in support of their newest album, Home of The Strange, released just last month. The album has already had an overwhelmingly great response with fans, and this crowd was eager to show it. Ra Ra Riot was there to get the ball rolling for the night. The indie rockers played a good assortment of hits, as well as material from their most recent release earlier this year, Need Your Light. It was great seeing this group play to bigger venues as well. Young the Giant kicked off their set with the punchy, in-your-face song 'Jungle Youth', fresh off of the new album. Sameer Gadhia's rich vocals come out swinging on this song, engaging fans from the moment he begins to sing, and goes to prove how great of an opening number this song is. 'Titus Was Born' was an epic moment of the evening. Visuals were a sparkling cool blue, and the immense build up in this song makes it a beautiful masterpiece. This is one of those songs that truly speak to the depths of your soul, and makes such an impact live. The band ran through fan favorites such as 'Apartment', 'Cough Syrup' and 'I Got' like a well oiled machine. Both guitarist Jacob Tilley and Eric Cannata have such a creative way of complimenting each other's riffs, and are showcased incredibly well on these old hits. A standout on the album, 'Art Exhibit' was chilling to hear performed live, as the melody takes you to a serene state of mind. Gadhia's otherworldly vocals blended with such wonderful harmonies and hypnotizing ukulele emphasizes that this song is a work of art in itself. 'Nothing's Over' was another highlight of the night. Gadhia forewarns the fans to be ready to dance. The song starts out very mysterious and dreary before the infectious beat picks up with Payam Doostzadeh's groovy bass that pulses through you and makes you feel like you are truly in a tropic paradise. During the breakdown in the song there are glances caught amongst the band and in unison, the guys begin to dance. The entire floor follows their moves and lets loose. It's moments like this song that exemplify how much this 5 piece genuinely loves what they do. Encoring with new hits, 'Amerika', 'Silvertongue' and undoubtedly topping the night off with their classic 'My Body' leaving the crowd in awe. The stage was brilliantly decorated with a mountainous backdrop (Bringing to mind the Home of the Strange album cover) and pennant flags, providing visuals with each song to marvel over. Vibrant, excellent performance all around these guys. Ever-evolving yet still staying true to their sound, Young The Giant delivers an uncanny energy live and is undeniably a treat to see live. Setlist Jungle Youth I Got Something to Believe In Eros Apartment Cough Syrup Titus Was Born Mr. Know‐It‐All Mind Over Matter Art Exhibit Nothing’s Over Home of the Strange Encore: Amerika Silvertongue My Body

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