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ALBUM REVIEW: Every Time I Die - Low Teens

Low Teens, High Fidelity by Jeremy Williams

I’m driving down a local route of my state, forests and mountains on either side. I’m listening to Every Time I Die’s latest album Low Teens. As “Fear and Trembling” kicks into high gear, I can feel myself wanting to push down on the pedal and turn the old Ford into rolling thunder. The sludgy guitars of Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams added to the drum work of Daniel Davison make me want to beat my hands on the steering wheel as I sing the lyrics along with Jordan’s brother Keith and guest vocalist Tim Singer. When “Glitches” comes on next I feel like I could press the accelerator through the floor and attempt light speed.

I’m loving this newest offering from the boys of Every Time I Die. It feels like a return to their roots while improving their sound. They have tightened their sound up in much the same way as a hangman tightens the noose around a neck. Offering up sonic attacks of impressive lyric and vocal work with the force of nature sounds provided by the guitarists Jordan and Andy with bassist Stephen Micciche and drummer Daniel Davison. Davison being a welcome transplant from Underoath taking the place of Ryan “Legs” Leger after he left the band in February of 2015.

With songs like “Two Summers”, which seems to cover the end of a relationship, and “Awful Lot” speaking of nostalgia and simpler times, the lyrics of Keith Buckley are trying to take the listener through a journey of near visceral emotion. “It Remembers” is a melodic barrage of remorse and regret, and the support vocals on the track from Panic! At the Disco’s Brendan Urie add a sense of urgency. The screaming request for an assured love in “Petal” is reinforced by the driving percussion from Davison.

I firmly believe this is a “Do Not Miss” album for anyone that’s a fan of metal, thrash, or hardcore. It’s certainly an earnest contribution from Every Time I Die, and they’re on a hearty tour to back it. Starting the beginning of this month they’ll be touring the Midwest until returning to the East Coast on the 21st for a show in St. Petersburg, Florida. The band will work their way up the coast until December when they’ll skip across the pond for tour dates in Europe. You can find details for a show near you at

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