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FAN REVIEW: Against Me! & Bad Religion take on NYC

Date of show: October 4, 2016 Location: Irving Plaza, NYC, NY By Vicky Blank You were definitely in for a punk-rock treat at the The Vox Populi Tour with Against Me! and Bad Religion. Irving Plaza is a nice small venue that is general admission, and is perfect for your moshing needs. Against Me! just released their new album "Shape Shift With Me" in September, and when they hit the stage - you could tell they were ready to rock out with the new material. This was my first time seeing Against Me! live and it was inspiring to see Laura Jane Grace on stage. Her strength and dignity showed through her singing and playing, especially when she sang, "Transgender Dysphoria Blues." The crowd started to get wild when they played old favorites such as "Pints Of Guinness Make You Strong" and "Walking Is Still Honest". The band was a lot of fun and played with a lot of emotion.

Bad Religion came on next, not giving any fucks, and powered through song after song. The crowd was going nuts and the mosh pit grew as they continued playing. This was also my first time seeing them live, and it was awesome to see the punk-rock veterans owning the stage. They played a lot of the hits such as "Sorrow", "American Jesus", "Infected", and "21st Century (Digital Boy)". The band kicked ass.

Definitely seeing these two bands again live!

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