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Date of show: April 18, 2017 Location: Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA Photos and Review by: Micaela Rodas (copy editing by Tori Biggs) Formerly known as Sound Tribe Sector 9, STS9 made their first east coast stop of the Get Loud Tour in Pittsburgh at Stage AE on April 18. Opening the night were Brooklyn natives City of the Sun, an instrumental post-rock trio. City of the Sun features guitarists John Pita, Avi Snow, and percussionist Zach Para. Their passionate acoustics were like no other. The main act, STS9, took the stage with their one-of-a-kind sound, based heavily on instrumental rock and electronic music, and had the entire crowd moving. Not only was it a pleasure to hear, but STS9’s set was also a great visual. Members include Hunter Brown (guitar, midi keyboard), Alana Rocklin (bass guitar), Jeffree Lerner (percussion, handsonic), David Phipps (keyboards), and Zach Velmer (drums). STS9 will be wrapping up their Get Loud tour at the end of April in the southern states. They are also set to make a mid-west run of the Get Loud tour later this fall, including a 3 night show at the legendary Red Rocks, Colorado, Sept 8-10th, 2017, where they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary. STS9 are also scheduled to play the Resonance Festival in Thornville, OH towards the end of September.​

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