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ALBUM REVIEW: Toro Y Moi - Boo Boo

The album Boo Boo by South Carolina native Chazwick “Chaz” Bundick, or Toro y Moi as he goes by professionally, is THE chill album for this summer. From the first track to the last, the album is an easy listen and possibly the most relaxing thing you’ll hear all summer. It even smacks of Eighties music influence.

The album starts out with “Mirage” and immediately you feel like you’re on a beach in a movie about a cop from 1984, just soaking in the sun and relaxing. With “Mona Lisa”, Chaz seems to be describing a break-up and how to deal with it, urging us to buck up and move on. Keeping with the positive break-up vibe, in “Windows” we get an idea of someone who has made a positive change and can no longer stay in their current relationship because of it. With each song, Chaz brings us a reflection of relaxation and chill positivity.

Currently, there are no dates for a tour or shows for Toro y Moi, but you can always check out for any news or upcoming dates. You can also find Toro y Moi on Facebook and on Twitter as @ToroyMoi.

In the meantime, while we’re all waiting for a show from Chaz. I would suggest visiting and revisiting Boo Boo. From beginning to end this album is a reminder to slow down and smell the roses. To just pull back on the throttle from that little silhouette of a rabbit and bring it back down to a turtle’s pace and just RELAX. Grab yourself a cold brew, kick your feet up on the back porch, and listen to Boo Boo. Go do it.

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