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LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Artist Adam Danger Smith Doodles for Days

Artist Adam Danger Smith has created his latest brain-child with one of his closest friends and, coincidentally, complete strangers in tow. Beginning on July 26th, Smith and Co. are going on a cross country road trip in an attempt to complete “forty doodles in forty days”, creating a series of drawings, a cumulative mini-documentary, and series of original songs by the end of it all. Formally titled 40 Doodles | 40 Songs | With 40 Strangers | In 40 Days, the project is an attempt to collaborate with as many people around the country, from as many socioeconomic backgrounds, as possible.

When I asked Smith what inspired this project, the story behind it surprised me. Smith stated, “I first got the idea two and a half years ago. I would create a doodle a day back then; I was trying to impress a girl. A couple months into it, though, I started hanging out at this bar and doodling as I drank and talked with different people. We would just drink, draw, and hangout. After about a year of doing that, I kind of got my fuel from people who had begun to message me and tell me how much I’d inspired them to keep drawing, to keep creating. That was my motivation to keep going. That gave me the fuel to keep doing this.”

Recently, Smith has been able to make his living with the arts. Smith has begun teaching art classes to children, and he tells me that the 40 Days tour is his “way to inspire more people, more broadly”. Stay tuned for more info on Smith’s tour, and his 40 Days progress.

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