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CONCERT COVERAGE: Moon Taxi Captivates Louisville Fans

Date of show: August 19, 2017 Location: Iroquois Amphitheatre, Louisville, KY Review by: Nina Martin (Copy editing by Miranda Woody) Moon Taxi stopped by Louisville, Kentucky on August 19 in support of the Put Em Up Tour. It was definitely a great night for indie-fans, as Moon Taxi and friends performed at the Iroquois Amphitheater. The show kicked off with Los Colognes and their signature groovy, laid back rock sounds. Like Moon Taxi, these guys hail from the Music City itself, Nashville, TN. Los Colognes has such a great 70’s Cali-rock vibe, and their sound would be the perfect backdrop to a Volkswagen road trip. The groovy 5-piece just released their 3rd studio album, titled The Wave, this past May, and will remain on tour throughout the rest of the year. Following Los Colognes was Jackson, Mississippi natives, The Weeks. This group frequently appears on my Pandora stations, so I was looking forward to seeing them play LIVE for the first time (and I have to say, they did not disappoint)! The familial connection between the bandmates was easily identifiable within the first few songs; you could definitely tell that the band has a lot of fun doing what they love, which is playing some soulful rock tunes. Lead vocalist Cyle Barnes seems genuinely "in the moment" during each song, with his eyes rolling back and his consciousness seeming to almost drift away numerous times throughout their set. He was definitely in the zone. The Weeks played tons of new songs off of their latest album Easy, which was released this past April, as well as some fan-favorite tracks like “Brother in the Night” and “Buttons”. The 4-piece will be touring the east coast the remainder of the year as well, and I’d highly recommend catching a show or two and dancing the night away to their sound. Moon Taxi played with undeniable passion and captivated the audience from the moment they came on the stage. They kicked off their set with an old favorite, "Mercury". Weaving through their set with countless solid hits, it's really hard to pick a favorite song, or moment. Singer Trevor Terndrup truly has a remarkable front man stage presence, smiling, soloing, and pointing at their fans throughout the entire set. Special guest and saxophonist Amber poured all of her heart and soul into her performances with the band, and made an excellent contribution to the band’s sound. Spencer Thompson's detailed guitar work was also fantastic, as well as the rest of the band as a whole, as they charm their fans with every song that's performed live. This has been a huge festival year for Moon Taxi, playing several festivals all along the east coast like Okeechobee, Gasparilla, Shaky Knees, Riverfest, Bunbury, Deep Roots Mountain Revival, and Sun Festival. The group will also be performing at this year's Suwanee Hulaween Music Festival, in Live Oak, FL on Halloween weekend. Moon Taxi is notorious for playing insanely good covers, and they really outdid themselves with this show. Some covers included "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics, a heartfelt "Imagine" by John Lennon, and none other than "Hotel California" by The Eagles. The guys also played a cover of Houndmouth's "For No One" which Terndrup stated that Houndmouth was one of the group's favorite bands. "Moving To The City", a new song that has yet to be released, was the perfect equation of a heavy and alternative rock song. The song was only amplified live, as the crowd was in complete bliss. Hearing new material only makes me look more forward to what this group has up their sleeves in the upcoming year. The group will still be heavily touring throughout the rest of the year, with numerous shows back on the east coast in October. They will also be closing out 2017 with a 2 night New Year's Eve show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. 2 day tickets and more info can be found HERE. Setlist: Mercury Change Make Your Mind Up (with Amber) Who's to Say? (with Amber) Suspicious / Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics cover) Savannah Year Zero Young Journey Morocco Run Right Back Imagine (John Lennon cover) River Water Hotel California (Eagles cover) Moving to the City Two High Red Hot Lights Encore: For No One (Houndmouth cover) All Day All Night

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