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CONCERT COVERAGE: Lexington Grooves with Aqueous and Papadosio

Date of show: April 26, 2018 Location: Manchester Music Hall, Lexington, KY Photos & Review by: Nina Martin The Manchester Music Hall was the place to be on Thursday, April 26, as Aqueous and Papadosio got their complete and utter groove on. The two groups combined forces for an excellence night of memorable jamming. Aqueous started the night off without missing a beat, kicking off their set with "All In". The Buffalo natives have such a unique blend of melodic groove, rock, funk, jazz and even a splash of punk, all rolling into a euphoric sound. The band's formula really works in their favor; Lead guitarist Mike Gantzer's solos have a precise and unique sound, and an absolute treat to witness live. Evan McPhaden kept the funky bass lines going throughout the set as Dave Loss showcased his skills on the keyboard and occasional guitar during some extended improv jams. Rob Houk's consistent drum work is exemplary as well, and ties everything together perfectly. As the set progressed, the crowd grew bigger. Fans danced, swayed and laughed, and truly enjoyed every moment of the group's performance. "Underlyer" was a highlight of the night, with the catchy, melodic chorus and funky bass lines. The 4 piece will be touring throughout the summer, playing numerous festivals along the east coast including Disc Jam Music Festival, Jam On the Sands, and Peach Music Festival. I'd highly recommend catching these guys on the road this summer, as their performance is always top notch. The venue was completely packed by the time Papadosio hit the stage, opening with "If It Wasn't For You". The 5 piece space rock group have been around for over 11 years, and their matured talent truly shows with technical songs like "The Bionic Man Meets His Past..." and "Oracle Theme", both songs off of their third album, T.E.T.I.O.S. Seeing Papadosio perform live isn't just a performance, it's an experience. The geometric back drop with changing and moving lights make for a beautiful visual show. Their psychedelic, atmospheric rock sound takes you to another dimension.... a place that you can leave your day-to-day worries behind and get lost in the groove. Honestly it was a breath of fresh air to see fans closing their eyes, getting lost in the music and moment, instead of a sea of cell phones in the air. Encoring with an old classic, "Polygons", the band gave it their all. The exchanged smiles between band mates exemplifies that this group genuinely enjoys creating and performing music together. Papadosio will also have a jam packed summer touring throughout the states. Tour stops include Summer Camp at the end of May, Red Rocks, CO and Camp Bisco in July. This is another exceptional band to not miss, so find the nearest city they are playing in and experience it for yourself. Aqueous Setlist: All In Underlyer Second Sight Warren In The Window Papadosio Setlist: If It Wasn't For You The Plug The Wrong Nostalgia Right Now The Bionic Man Meets His Past... Omnifreeze Oracle Theme Threes Epiphany Threes Encore: Polygons

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