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CONCERT COVERAGE: Young The Giant Delivers Vibrant Performance in Asheville

Date of show: February 9, 2019 Location: The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC Photos & Review by: Nina Martin Nestled right in the heart of downtown Asheville, NC lies one of the southeast's favorite live music venues, The Orange Peel. Young The Giant made a stop on their Mirror Master tour in the colorful town & venue on February 9th. Fellow Cali natives Sure Sure started the night with their catchy songs and infectious good times. The band took no time at all to win over the audience with their upbeat indie sound. Sure Sure wrapped up their 40 minute set with their hit track "Hands Up, Hands Down," which involved fans dancing along with the group in Zombie-like motions. The energy was high through the entire set, and I couldn't think of a better way to start the night off. Soft hues of green filled the stage as Young The Giant entered from the middle of the stage and opened with "Oblivion." The song is off their most recent release, Mirror Master, which is the band's fourth full length album. "Oblivion" has a smooth, grungy intro and build up, and truly speaks to the crowd with the track's message of vulnerability. The swoon-inducing mesmerizing vocals of Sameer Ghadia put the crowd in a trance for the rest of the night. The versatility of Ghadia's vocal range is showcased in songs like "Heat of the Summer," "Titus Was Born," and "Panoramic Girl." Before starting the song "Firelight," Ghadia spoke a meaningful message of being who you are. During the hypnotic slow melodies, the audience took it upon themselves to put their flashes on their phones; the modern-day lighters-in-the-air move. The flashlights created a beautiful sea of swaying lights to capture the overall happiness the song emanates. The band is constantly locking eyes with fans in the front row and crowd with natural smiles and acknowledgement. I also really enjoy how the whole group shares the stage, and is constantly moving around to different areas, allowing fans to enjoy everyone's talent. This interaction made the show that much more of an intimate and personal experience as well. Young the Giant began their encore with "Superposition," another standout song off of their recent release. They breezed through dance-worthy tunes "Tightrope," and "Silvertongue" before polishing off the night with the song that started it all, "My Body." The 5 piece group never ceases to put on anything short of spectacular live performances, and this show was certainly no exception, with lasting memories for years to come. Setlist: Oblivion Something to Believe In Heat of the Summer Apartment Titus Was Born Panoramic Girl Firelight Amerika Home of the Strange Cough Syrup Mind Over Matter Nothing's Over Call Me Back Encore: Superposition Tightrope Silvertongue My Body

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