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CONCERT COVERAGE: Jamestown Revival Performs to Sold Out Columbus Crowd

Date of Show: May 18, 2019 Location: A&R Music Bar, Columbus, OH Photos & Review by: Nina Martin (Copyediting by Miranda Martin) In the heart of the Arena District in downtown Columbus lies the A&R Music Bar, one of quite a few fantastic venues that this vibrant town has to offer. Jamestown Revival recently made a stop on their San Isabel Tour to wow a sold-out Columbus crowd, and we’ve got the details below. Cordovas were there to start the night off with their signature easy going, southern-rock sound. The Nashville group harmonized their way through songs both new and old, and ultimately won the audience over with their cover of "Truckin" by the Grateful Dead. Cordovas seem to be on the right track, heading toward southern-rock success after a fun, well put-together opening set. Jamestown Revival took on the stage ready for a night to remember, kicking their set off with "Airliner." Following "Airliner" was "Crazy World (Judgement Day)", the road-trip worthy track opener off of their most recent album release, San Isabel. Jamestown Revival was once comprised of duo (and longtime friends) guitarist/vocalist Jonathan Clay and pianist/vocalist Zach Chance, but have grown into a 5-piece band over the course of their career. Clay and Chance both certainly have a way of captivating the audience with their Texan-native charm, and they are constantly switching instruments; a testament to their raw talent, and a nice way to keep the crowd’s attention throughout the set. Towards the end of the night the group performed "Born on the Bayou," a classic-rock hit from one of the band's most notable influences, the legendary CCR. Jamestown Revival really put their own flare on the classic tune, making it one of the highlights of the night for both Revival and CCR fans alike. The Americana-folk rockers started to wrap things up for the night with the song that put them on the map, "California (Cast Iron Soul)," which is a track inspired by their move from Texas to California. Keeping the crowd in hot anticipation, the band closed out their Columbus set with two more notorious covers: "Let Em In" by Wings, and an old John Prine favorite, "Paradise," respectively. The choice to end the evening with two more classic covers made for an exciting end to a well-rounded show. Jamestown Revival is currently on tour in support of their newest album, San Isabel, which was recently released (June 14th, 2019). The guys of Revival will continue to tour the US through August, wrapping up their tour in San Antonio, Texas on November 19th. Their smooth yet charismatic live show is highly recommended by the staff here at ECL, and undoubtedly a sight to see. As a parting note, I will leave our readers with this particularly interesting tidbit from the Columbus show: during the set, Clay made the comment that, “Over the years, playing in Columbus, (they) have gone from performing at The Basement and now to A&R,” and how they aim to play at the bigger venue across the street (Express Live) the next time around. At their current pace (and thanks to an overwhelmingly supportive sold-out crowd), there is no doubt in my mind that Express Live will be their next Columbus stop. Setlist: Airliner Crazy World (Judgement Day) This Too Shall Pass American Dream Revival Company Man Golden Age Harder Way Wandering Man Done Me Wrong Born on the Bayou Midnight Hour

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