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CONCERT COVERAGE: Women Who Rock ft Lez Zeppelin

Date of Show: May 18, 2019 Location: The Spire Center for Performing Arts, Plymouth, MA Review by: BossQueen Li Photos by: Dot Imagine sitting on a throne being served an electrically delicious cocktail and listening to a talented guitar player strumming multiple cords filled with so much ecstasy it gives you chills. All you can do is close your eyes and feel the base drum vibrate. You open your eyes. You see nothing but majestic and beautiful women take the stage and give you the most intimate performance of your life. Not one, but three bands “rocked” the Spire Center stage for the Women Who Rock concert and gave the atmosphere so much life, motivation, and revolution. Heavy Temple | Men “Do” Support Women The lead lady of Heavy Temple brought out her male musicians with no shame. A little testosterone and eye candy never hurt anyone. Yet, amazingly they gave a great performance and moved in unison. They opened the show with such class. They engaged the crowd with a great mellow tone song to begin. Even though all the original members were females I enjoyed the transition and enjoyed the message portrayed that men can support the cause of women empowerment. The original trio formed 2012 and are from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Upon forming an alliance they have released two EPs, self-titled “Heavy Temple” and “Chassit”. They’ve toured with multiple bands nationally throughout the United States. Bearadactyl, Rattlesnake, and High Priestress Nighthawk founded the band December of the 2012. Flight of Fire | Ladies with Spice The women of this band, Maverick, Tanya, Venom, Tia Mayhem, and Badass Cass, were harmonic like angels and spicy like tamales. They brought flavor to the stages with a soft ballad song to start and eventually ending with the twin sisters both playing a hard core rock song on the drums together in unison and as a team. Nothing screams “women empowerment” more than seeing these talented ladies playing the drums for the crowd like there was no tomorrow. The all black attire and hair with a pop of color was a reciprocation of their music style. Their performance was thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end. Lez Zepplin | The Female Led Zepplin As I imaginatively place myself on stage, standing in the center of this band, I wonder how many hours they practice and how they put together their set. Everything seems strategically placed and I can guarantee not one body left the concert unsatisfied. They take the stage and instantly give a heartfelt story about their first song they play and it grabs your attention like hypnosis. You can’t take your eye of the stage and you can’t leave for a bathroom break or you’ll miss the best part. And the whole performance is the best part. Marlain, a Greek star, has a voice that echoes through the Spire Center and rocks the entire crowd. They tell everyone to join in, come closer to the stage and by the end of the show no one is in their seat. The guitarist, Steph Paynes and Joan Chew, play the guitars without missing a beat. Leesa plays the drums like she’s played since birth. They dance across the stage like no one’s in the room and Marlain sings to the guitar, one foot to the speaker, head tilted back and the aura she gives is nothing less than energetic, endowed, and engaging. Women Who Rock 2020, I’m there! Encore! Overall Experience In conclusion, the overall experience was incredibly inspiring. From set up, to VIP, to photo ops, lighting, sound, the location, the bar, ticket pricing and the atmosphere, everything was on point. Staff members had superb customer service and were very welcoming. The time of year appeared perfect. Not a drop of rain or snow in sight and the acts chosen were agreeable on point. Next year, I hope to be able to purchase merchandise, see vendors, and possible more sponsors. With that being said it’s sure to be an even bigger turnout. Until 2020, rock out ladies!

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