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CONCERT COVERAGE: Young The Giant Returns to Columbus with their Best Tour Yet

Date of show: September 10, 2017 Location: Express Live, Columbus, OH Photos & Review by: Nina Martin It was exactly 1 year ago to the date that Young The Giant played at Express Live in downtown Columbus, OH. The 5 piece California indie band revisited the indoor/outdoor venue ready to bring the Home Of The Strange Tour back to Columbus. I was able to catch the VIP Acoustic set before the show started inside Express Live. The group did a quick Q & A with the fans, group photo, and performed 2 songs, "Art Exhibit" and "Strings". The song "Art Exhibit" off of their new album, Home Of The Strange, is a such a beautifully creative song. In my opinion the song is an art exhibit in itself. The acoustic set was very intimate, and "Strings" truly showcased how remarkable their songs can be; both fully electric or stripped down. Joywave started the night off ready to play with high energy and funky beats. "Hello allergies" singer Daniel Armbruster jokingly said as he walked on stage and went into their first song. Guitarist Joseph Morinelli jumped the entire set and every band member poured every emotion they had into the show. Rochester, NY natives are ready to take the indie genre by storm, touring the remainder of the month on this tour, and also performing 97X's The Next Big Thing in Tampa Florida in December. Shortly after Joywave wrapped up Cali rockers Cold War Kids hit the stage, starting their set off with "All This Could Be Yours". Bassist Matt Maust started the notorious first measures of "Hang Me Up To Dry" with such momentum, everyone in the pit could feel the bass in their bones. As "Mexican Dogs" began to start, singer Nathan Willett provided a sentimental message of hope to the audience, telling everyone we are one and that there is no need to discriminate. He continued his message by saying everyone should be welcomed as we are all in this world together. These guys have been around for over 10 years, and their live performance exemplifies perfection, all while adding new flare to old favorites and making an overall outstanding live show. As 9:30 approached the lights went down and samples started of America and USA themed popular songs from several decades. The crowd roared as "Amerika" started and singer Sameer Gadhia appeared in the triangle backdrop display singing and moving to the beats, owning the stage from that moment on. The group performed several acoustic songs mid-way through the set and discussed their 'In The Open Sessions' they have on YouTube. Many sessions are performed in the wilderness, beaches, national parks, and remote, picturesque locations. I can't think of any other band that has acoustic sessions, in the open, quite like Young The Giant does, which really makes them one of a kind. Guitarists Eric Cannata and Jacob Tilley both play intricate, harmonizing guitar melodies in every song. Bassist Payam Doostzadeh keeps the bass hearty and full while Francois Comtois is the backbone of the group while adding vocals with his complex drumming. The quintet knows how to work the stage and the crowd, as they are constantly moving, alternating positions, and engaging their fans the whole set. I think one of my favorite moments of the set was during "Home Of The Stange" as the lights were just as vibrant as the song itself. As Gadhia added a bright, flashy jacket (reminiscent of old school Michael Jackson) YTG started their 3 song encore off with hard hitting jam "Jungle Youth", followed by catchy, upbeat hit "Silvertongue" both from their 2016 release, Home Of The Strange. Coincidentally it was the song that started it all, "My Body" that closed out the night. Gadhia mentioned towards the end of the set "This didn't happen overnight" as he says they have been performing at venues in Columbus for 10 years. They truly have put their time in for live shows, and have mastered the art of a full live performance experience, along with an incredible stage production on this tour. This isn't just a show, seeing Young the Giant really is an experience. Personally, I have seen this band and concert progression many times over the years, and I have to say, this is their best tour yet. Setlist: Amerika Something to Believe In I Got Anagram Titus Was Born Mr. Know‐It‐All It's About Time Cough Syrup Art Exhibit Firelight Nothing's Over Mind Over Matter Home of the Strange Encore: Jungle Youth Silvertongue My Body

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