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CONCERT COVERAGE: Aqueous Delivers Pure Music Bliss to Asheville

Date of show: November 16, 2018 Location: Asheville Music Hall, Asheville, NC Photos & Review by: Nina Martin Buffalo groove rockers Aqueous performed 2 sets to a completely packed venue at the Asheville Music Hall on November 16th, along with supporters The Heavy Pets. South Florida natives The Heavy Pets started the night off with their psychedelic and funky sound. The group performed with such liveliness and passion from the moment they hit the stage, it was easy to get lost in the music. The Heavy Pets have been performing for over a decade now, and it shows in the best way possible as they are well rehearsed, all while still having fun enjoying what they do. Around 10:25pm Aqueous took the stage for their 2 set night starting things off with their fast paced hit, "Don't Do It" followed by another well known catchy tune and my personal favorite, "Underlyer." The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Mike Gantzer, bassist Evan McPhaden, keyboardist/guitarist Dave Loss, and drummer Rob Houk. Not only does Gantzer deliver intricate yet seemingly effortless guitar solos throughout the night, but the solos themselves will take you to another world. The group also did a superb cover of Oysterhead's "Pseudo Suicide", showcasing Loss' vocal contributions, which was an absolute treat to hear live and an obvious crowd favorite as well. Wrapping up the set with an extended jam of "20/20," there was even a quick teaser of Metallica's "Master of Puppets" before launching into another cover, "Below the Funk," a Rick James classic. Just when you thought the night was over, Aqueous came back out and encored with another funky jam, "Numbers and Facts." The guys are currently wrapping up their first leg of touring for their most recent album, Color Wheel, which was just released in October. The thought put forth for the stage set up and production on this tour is absolutely marvelous, as there are a rainbow of colored lights projected throughout the night, along with a LED circular backdrop that is constantly changing with beautiful, vibrant colors as well. Aqueous has sincerely captured the visual essence of their latest album release with their live performance. From start to finish, the band conveys such an infectious good energy and vibe you can't help but to dance/sway to the music and have a good time simply being in the moment. Aqueous and Asheville truly go hand in hand to make for the perfect night of pure music bliss. To relive the memorable night be sure to head over to Independent Arts & Music Asheville's YouTube page, or click here. Overall it's been a solid year for Aqueous, between touring, several festival appearances, and the release of Color Wheel. I can only look forward to what this talented 4 piece band will bring to the table in 2019. Aqueous Set 1: Don't Do It Underlyer Warren in the Window Good Enough Psuedo Suicide Cover Second Sight Aqueous Set 2: Origami The Median Realize Your Love 20/20 > Below the Funk Cover> 20/20 Encore: Numbers and Facts

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